What would you ask for, if you knew the answer was YES?

Everything about this is perfect. ("I love Japan" by Yana Moskaluk.)

"You're Never Alone Little One" drawing for my love. 
RIP Quincy + Kodi. 

WIP (Need to re-do hair and eyes, and finish upper right). 



God give me wisdom.

Passion puts the tiger in the cat. 

"Taking Kitty For a Stroll" color pencil and gold leaf drawing. 

When drawing this I gave the woman of "power" a lowered head, one of humility. The lion allowed her to have this power. She, in return, made him the proud one. To me, that is what a leader should be. 

Work in Progress. 

Latest work and Drawing Class

Work in Progress (20 x 30")

I'm leading a drawing class this weekend in Irvine. All skill levels welcome. The focus will be on drawing more accurately and confidently. 

These samples are from private drawing lessons I gave over the summer. I couldn't be prouder of Clover's progression! 

Updates, Links and Art (of course)!

I made a time-lapse video of a freehand drawing so you can see my creative process. (No reference). Actually time to create: 30 minutes, time-lapse video: 1:47.


(This is the finished piece)

"Pink Roses" color pencil drawing on toned tan paper. 

I created this hand-lettered typography in celebration of reaching over 100,000 followers on our Facebook page! (http://facebook.com/nationalartsociety)

Thank you! 

Recent Drawings

"His Eyes" (Drawing in Prismacolor pencils, Archival ink .005, gold and white ink gels, and blending tortillons on toned tan paper).

Realism Tips for artists: 
1. For realism, embrace imperfection. Without texture variations, pieces will appear "cartoony".
2. Keep Going. It requires layers upon layers, especially when using color pencils.
3. Turn it upside-down. Learn to see value and shapes.
4. Use blending stubs to soften rough areas.
5. Measure carefully in the beginning to avoid bigger mistakes later. 

I'll write a blog full blog article on this shortly (for nationalartgallery.com)

"Golden Muse: Carmelita Jeter". Color pencils on toned tan paper. 

They told me to draw what I craved the most...


Anyone know God's email address? I'm looking for my dream COO.  Thanks! 

The Forbidden Art Files


Untitled #2, from Sculptural Nudes, 2012 Koen Hauser. 

"Pris" by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme 
Michael Hussar.

London and Paris

First stop in London: Platform 9-3/4 at King's Cross. I've got my ticket to Hogwarts! 

"Paris is always a good idea" -Audrey Hepburn

I remember drawing this infamous piece by Auguste Rodin "The Kiss" many times when I was younger. To see it in person was breathtaking and quite surreal. 

Drawing Julius Caesar at the Louvre. A dream come true. 

The Forbidden Art Files.

The Art of Gina Kiel. 

Alfons Mucha-Study of Drapery. 

Blood Crow by Dino Tomic. 

The Forbidden Art Files

Fashion illustration by Manuel Rebollo.

Terry Border. 
Artist Unknown :(

Digital Papercut Illustration by Eiko Ojala. 

The Beautiful Mountains of Canada.

I just got back from an amazing Jasper, Canada adventure with Isaac :)

Until next time.