Interior Design Inspiration- My office/guest bedroom (in soft Lilac)

I was so excited to start decorating my new office/guest bedroom. Since my home is very traditional Spanish-Style I really wanted a very fun/feminine room that could be my little sanctuary.

Here are my design concepts:

I just LOVE the bordered texture in the walls. Perfect dim lighting. Casual sitting area by the bed and soft pink and silver bedding that doesn't overwhelm, only complements.

 I'm crazy about this chaise lounge with gold detail. 

 I love the perfect placement and use of space in this room. The sheer purple curtains make my heart happy.

 This is a side view of the same room as above. Adorable sofa bed and detail in wall patterns.

This is the third angle of the top two pictures. I love how the drapery falls so delicately, Sheer curtains a must-have for a lilac room.

 Luxury at its finest. To me this is the classic, more elegant version of the above room, perfectly executed.

 The silver and deep purple contrast of this room make the perfect combination of elegant-chic.

 I adore the soft, feminine touches in this room. Vintage elegance has finally arrived.

 This is all in the details. I love the 1-1/2" light gray line between the white and gray. Its the best way to break up such a contrasting pattern. I almost put the grey horizontal line patterns on my walls, I still may consider doing it in the future. The ornate white chair with a Chanel and Paris book= icing on the cake!

I can't wait to show you the final product in about a month (some things are still on backorder).