The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Here are some great steps to achieving your goal physique:

Have a goal weight in mind. If you don't know what you want how are you supposed to get it?


I always keep a few motivational photos around to keep me focused on what I want. This is a great inspirational photo.                                  

MUSCLES ARE SEXY! Women should not be afraid of strength training. It burns tons of calories and streamlines your physique like nothing else. 

Of course, my all-time favorite workout has to be running on the beach. I find that not only does my body become incredible strong, it truly distills my soul. 

I LOVE paddleboarding! I'm not a fan of cold water but I love the beach. Perfect solution as well as a terrific workout!

Sometimes you get the best workout just having fun! I learned how to snowboard earlier this year and I found it to be an amazing workout without even thinking about it!

Dancing burns tons of calories. Balancing exercises work those tiny muscles in your core that stabilize your whole body. 

To achieve long, lean muscles throw in yoga, pilates, or my new obsession, Bar Method class. It combines yoga, pilates, and ballet and targets every muscle group. 

According to Tosca Rena's Eat Clean Diet your weight is 80% of your diet and 20% exercise. Even if your doing everything right in the gym but neglecting your food intake you're setting yourself back. 

Portion control and clean foods are the fastest way to reach your fitness goals. I hope this helps!