I have never seen that dress you're wearing, Or the highlights in your hair that catch your eyes, I have been blind.

Adriana Lima knows how to pull off the perfect ombre haircolor.

A high ballerina bun is classic, adorable, and no-fuss.

For those glamorous nights, the more body the better! Don't be afraid to experiment with hair-extensions, it's an instant way to spice up a look.

The look is achieved with a 1" round curling iron, tasseled curls, and lots of bobby pins.

When your hair is slightly damp, put in several loose braids and sleep in them. When you take them out, run them through your fingers and you're done.

Simple, stylish, and chic. Just hide the braid with a couple of bobby pins for a polished look.

I love this trendy fishtail braid! I've included this easy how-to guide for reference: