Elegant office concepts

After recognizing many of this blog's viewers have enjoyed my interior design concepts, I am dedicating this post to modern, feminine office ideas. Enjoy!

Many offices seem to look so cluttered, thats why I love this soft white desk and accents. Its better to add on a clean slate than have to remove things later. Desks get cluttered on their own. 

This is a stunning combination of modern and country style. It's a great mix of patterns with a fun botanical base. Also decently priced through Pottery Barn.

If you want to set up an office with minimum space to use, opt for a window desk. This one was done by matching the desk with clean white cabinetry. Bursts of color are added for drama.

This is a great example of matching the scenery outside with the furniture inside. The colors are perfectly coordinated with the gorgeous outdoor views.

A crystal chandelier brings instant glamor to any room. Why should an office be an exception?

Shabby chic is trending big this season, so I wanted to include an office with those classic vintage details and a distressed wood desk.

 I love that this glass desk table was paired with a comfortable patterned swivel chair. The lilac walls turn this office into a designer's dream.

Ok. The cord on the left-hand side needs to be tucked away along with the seat tag, but I do love the tiffany blue chair and sheer curtain detail.

I'll end this post with a fabulous contemporary conference room. The pink flooring and white chairs may be bold, but they aren't overpowering. May we all be lucky enough to pitch our next big idea in such an elegant setting.