This time baby I'll be bulletproof

I'm seeing more and more trends towards "thinspiration", an unhealthy, sometimes dangerous fad. I hope to bring a healthier, sexier option to the table: "Fitspiration". 

Dancing is a fun way to tone every inch of your body.

Surfing is a fun, refreshing way to build muscle and improve overall balance.

Strong is flexible, if you're not up for a big cardio session, opt for a full-body stretching routine. 

Juliane Hough is a great example of a lean, sexy, strong physique. 

Fight love handles with side planks, for a more challenging option add leg raises.

I love every form of gymnastics. Back bends and full-forward bends should be included in every stretching routine.

Ladies, embrace weight training. It will not bulk you up, it will lean you out.
Bulk= Low reps/high weights
Lean= high reps/lower weight

And of course, I'll end with Miranda Kerr, Adriana Ambrosio, and Marisa Miller. The best fitspiration out there!