This one goes out to New York!

It's officially less than one month away from the ING NY Marathon and I am pumped! Since my training, I've discovered this incredible easy-to-use marathon training plan I wanted to share with you:

It's the World's Simplest Marathon Training Plan (15 weeks)!

That amazing training plan can also be found on page 248 in Kara Goucher's new book, Running For Women.
I really loved this book, it's great for all runners at every level.

Kara Goucher is a huge running inspiration for me. She's so strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. Even with such demanding training schedule, she remains balanced. She doesn't think of herself as a runner, rather a woman who runs. By doing this, she doesn't place her value on herself based on her runs, rather she uses her runs as a tool to grow and learn. I love her!