People Who Inspire Me: Amy Wenzel

I decided to use my blog to periodically highlight people who inspire me. Eventually I'll put in recognizable figures like Oprah and Leonardo daVinci, but I wanted to choose someone very special to me for my first pick. I want to introduce you to Amy Wenzel, my best friend.*

*I added the asterisk because I wouldn't want to upset anyone else who also considers Amy their best friend as well. Whatevs.

5 Reasons She Inspires Me:

1. She doesn't settle. Too many times I see women get comfortable in situations and accept that as their truth. Not Amy, she keeps her standards high, and refuses to settle for second best.
2. She's an accomplished athlete. Amy is a D1 soccer player who continues to compete in SD soccer leagues. She plays hard (trust me I've "practiced" with her, she's incredible). 
3. She's a volunteer. Amy's actually a good person who loves people. Wow. She recycles too.  
4. She forgives. As a woman who has moved a lot, friends have always been "easy-come, easy-go". Amy's a rare friend who've I've been able to disagree with, even get mad at, but we get through it and remain great friends. 
5. She has an amazing sense of adventure. I love Amy because she's always down for anything: skydiving, traveling, skiing, shows, sailing, games, even a spontaneous camping trip--Amy's down.