Completed Princess-Wonderland Guest Bedroom

A couple months ago I introduced design concepts for my "Princess-Wonderland Guest Bedroom". Here is the final product:

The bed is a queen from Z Gallerie, the bedding from Macy's Home Furniture. The puppy's origins are questionable, but we're guessing she's from a sewer in Mexico.

I put in lots of cute lilac jeweled accents to tie in the "princess themed room". These little gems were found at Z Gallerie.

I put together this jeweled tree with a standing candle holder and lots of crystal flowers and stems. I pulled them off and tied them in individually to give it a clean, botanical look. They can be found: 

To keep with the elegant purple and silver sparkle theme, I added this fun floral arrangement with metallic flowers and crystal stems.

I added a ballet bar for stretching and barre exercises, a perfect complement to any girly girl's fantasy room. The bar should be set to the height of your waist. I hand-painted the top bar and spray painted the metallic silver anchors.

As an added touch, I added violet LED tea lights that give the room a shimmer and glow when night falls. May every princess find her way home :)

Go insane, Go insane-- Throw some glitter, make it rain...

Fall down 7 times...get up 8! Just hours after my "mediocre" marathon performance, I'm determined to go back to the drawing board and tweak my workouts to come back stronger than EVER!

Bahahaha...I wish! But seriously, I need to work on my tight abductor muscles!

I noticed how tight my low back was...I need to do a LOT more Pilates and back-extensions...this is my new main focus!

Back to basics...the more squats the better! Deeper and heavier...word!

Flexibility is KEY! Time to loosen up those hip flexors!

I'm ready to step up my core work BIG time!

Great runners have BENT KNEES and relaxed shoulders!

We all need a little inspiration...

Or a lot ;) Time to get out and RUN! ( steps...let's just see if I can move in the a.m. ;)