Completed Princess-Wonderland Guest Bedroom

A couple months ago I introduced design concepts for my "Princess-Wonderland Guest Bedroom". Here is the final product:

The bed is a queen from Z Gallerie, the bedding from Macy's Home Furniture. The puppy's origins are questionable, but we're guessing she's from a sewer in Mexico.

I put in lots of cute lilac jeweled accents to tie in the "princess themed room". These little gems were found at Z Gallerie.

I put together this jeweled tree with a standing candle holder and lots of crystal flowers and stems. I pulled them off and tied them in individually to give it a clean, botanical look. They can be found: 

To keep with the elegant purple and silver sparkle theme, I added this fun floral arrangement with metallic flowers and crystal stems.

I added a ballet bar for stretching and barre exercises, a perfect complement to any girly girl's fantasy room. The bar should be set to the height of your waist. I hand-painted the top bar and spray painted the metallic silver anchors.

As an added touch, I added violet LED tea lights that give the room a shimmer and glow when night falls. May every princess find her way home :)