Oh, this old thing? Why, I only wear it when I don't care how I look.

Gorgeous pastels and asymmetric cutouts make for jawdropping maxi dresses.

Hello? Karl Lagerfeld please. 

Loose racerback tanks paired with studded cutoff denim are trending this season.

I love the slinky fringe bag paired with an open-side tee.

It's all in the details. The intricate thread-work on this design gives the illusion of movement. 

The teal cutoffs and bold pink scarf add drama to a fun day look.

I love this look but I would not attempt it without a tan...it will wash you out!

The staples for layering a great wardrobe. Basics with mix and match patterns. 

Living room concepts--Traditional luxury meets modern elegance

 I love modern, vibrant looks whereas my boyfriend opts for more structured, traditional styles. So I wanted to find the perfect balance of both. 

 This is a great use of color, the playful yellow splashes of color mixed with natural greens really lighten up the room.

The rich, earthy color palette in this room make it warm and inviting.

I don't think a guy would be crazy about the horse decor, but it's still a great example of a classic-country design.

I love that the decorator just went for it on this one. The plush ottoman and mixed patterns turn this room into a work of art. 

I love that the curtains frame the windows rather than obstruct them. 

This would be a great way to decorate a living space in a Frank Lloyd Wright-prairie-themed home. 

The heart is a muscle, and what does a muscle do when it's torn? It grows back stronger.

Looking for a quick way to chisel your arms and shoulders? Do a handstand against a wall. For best results, do until failure.

This is back-dancing. Thrust your hips straight up to build tight glutes and and a strong low back.

This is a great example of portion division.

I love this stretch. In yoga it's known as prasarita padottanasana. It's a great way to alleviate tension in your hamstrings.

I think the key to fitness is balance. I love to balance a high intensity boxing class with a full body deep-stretch routine.

On a beautiful day, grab a beach cruiser and go for a joy ride. It's a great way to tone legs while kissing the sunshine. 

I'll end this post with a great inspirational photo to keep you motivated! 

Make a Difference! This is a great cause...


It was all a dream...

Bold silver statement pieces over casual tanks dress up any look.

Did you know the color (worn by a woman),men voted most likely to make them nervous is red? 

I love this lace dress with the side rouching...flatters from every angle.

If the shirt's not too bulky, tucking a loose tank actually accentuates a tiny waist.

Pastel blazers are the perfect way to layer a basic summer dress.

Wanderlust: A desire to travel, to understand one's very existence

Let me take you away for a moment...

To the waterfalls of Croatia,

into the winter streets of Austria,

to a stunning Grecian hillside,

over the Tower Bridge in London,

above the waters of Mykonos,

into the neon lights of Tokyo, Japan

beside Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

overlooking The W in Barcelona,

and ending in romantic Paris.

Hope to take you away again soon!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Here are some great steps to achieving your goal physique:

Have a goal weight in mind. If you don't know what you want how are you supposed to get it?


I always keep a few motivational photos around to keep me focused on what I want. This is a great inspirational photo.                                  

MUSCLES ARE SEXY! Women should not be afraid of strength training. It burns tons of calories and streamlines your physique like nothing else. 

Of course, my all-time favorite workout has to be running on the beach. I find that not only does my body become incredible strong, it truly distills my soul. 

I LOVE paddleboarding! I'm not a fan of cold water but I love the beach. Perfect solution as well as a terrific workout!

Sometimes you get the best workout just having fun! I learned how to snowboard earlier this year and I found it to be an amazing workout without even thinking about it!

Dancing burns tons of calories. Balancing exercises work those tiny muscles in your core that stabilize your whole body. 

To achieve long, lean muscles throw in yoga, pilates, or my new obsession, Bar Method class. It combines yoga, pilates, and ballet and targets every muscle group. 

According to Tosca Rena's Eat Clean Diet your weight is 80% of your diet and 20% exercise. Even if your doing everything right in the gym but neglecting your food intake you're setting yourself back. 

Portion control and clean foods are the fastest way to reach your fitness goals. I hope this helps! 

I've always had a passion for fashion, before I had it I'd close my eyes and imagine it.

My love for a variety of things in life can also be seen by the randomness of my style. For example:

I love this grunge shirt and biker jacket with dark thigh-highs and heels. Believe it or not this look can go from day to night quite easily.

Roberto Cavalli did not disappoint this season. This amazing collection features neutrals mixed with bohemian fringe. 

Light weight leather pants with a loose horizontal stripe tee? I vote yes. 

I love everything about this, the off-shoulder pastel top, the delicate floral skirt, and of course the studded nude Louboutins.

Ok.ok. I realize this is a bit heavy, but I do love a group of chunky bracelets. 

Love the feminine lace with the rustic themed jewelry. 

As much as I love the rocker look, I'm also crazy about this classy business look. Why should a businesswoman have to be a slave to the 3 piece suit? Mix a vertical striped oxford with red suspenders and a textured suit for a look that demands to be noticed. 

Black opaque tights with a 6 inch stiletto ankle boot. YES.YES.YES.

Some luxurious favorites from this seasons Ralph Lauren Collection. 

This is the perfect way to pair a fun flirty summer dress with a lightweight leather jacket. 

I love the scarf detail on this adorable peach layered dress.

I'll end the fashion portion with this blog with an easy classic back short and oversize white tee pairing.