Come away with me in the night...

through the canals of Venice,

over the calm waters of Bali, Indonesia

along the breathtaking coast of Big Sur, California

into the castles in Loire Valley, France

 through a romantic French park,

overlooking the vibrant city of Hong Kong,

into the charming streets of London,

and I'll end our sweet escape in the lavish principality of Monte-Carlo Monaco.

It does a body good...

It's so hard not to eat late at night, but you know you're not working it off if you do. If you MUST eat at night...stay away from carbs!

The full-forward bend: one of my favorite stretches, great for low back, spine, and neck muscles.

The perfect complement to the full forward bend, a great way to open your chest and stretch your stomach.

Ok. This isn't practical, but, when you do a downward dog pose, have a partner push down on your back for a deeper stretch. 

Before a run, do a light warmup and always do a full body stretch when you're done. This prevents muscles from cramping.

Everyone knows to stay hydrated, as a challenge try to drink 2-3 bottles of water during a heavy workout. 

and...of course...I'll end with a great inspirational photo. 

I wanna soak up the sun

It's that time of year again to get out in the sun and get that wonderful, natural Vitamin D. Here are some great tanning tips:

 Before heading out (or indoor tanning), exfoliate your skin. This will remove dead skin and increase the effectiveness of tanning.

I always cover my head and neck with higher SPF. I think those are the parts of the body that seem to age the quickest.

Don't shower right after tanning. Allow 3-4 hrs for your skin to absorb the tan before washing up. 

If your skin starts to tingle, that means its overexposed and you need to stop immediately.

For indoor tanning only go 7 minutes at first, to build a base. Work your way slowly up to 20. If you need to be tan in a hurry, I highly recommend Mystic tan or airbrushing. This will run you between $15-35 depending on where you go. 

Tanning has got such a bad rep, that I want to list a few BENEFITS from tanning: 

Sunlight protect against a host of diseases, including osteoporosis, heart disease, and cancers of the breast, prostate, and colon. What's more, sunlight has other hidden benefits—like protecting against depression, insomnia, and an overactive immune system.

I have never seen that dress you're wearing, Or the highlights in your hair that catch your eyes, I have been blind.

Adriana Lima knows how to pull off the perfect ombre haircolor.

A high ballerina bun is classic, adorable, and no-fuss.

For those glamorous nights, the more body the better! Don't be afraid to experiment with hair-extensions, it's an instant way to spice up a look.

The look is achieved with a 1" round curling iron, tasseled curls, and lots of bobby pins.

When your hair is slightly damp, put in several loose braids and sleep in them. When you take them out, run them through your fingers and you're done.

Simple, stylish, and chic. Just hide the braid with a couple of bobby pins for a polished look.

I love this trendy fishtail braid! I've included this easy how-to guide for reference:

If I had eyes in the back of my head, I would tell you that you looked good as I walked away.

This is "urban surfwear" with boho lace; both delicate and edgy.

This is a great way to express casual sophistication. The tailored blazer and gladiator ankle boots really make this look sizzle.

I love the interesting cut on this basic tee. It's striking yet relaxed.

The bold metal bracelets and strong print on the dress are perfect for your inner rocker-star!

A look can easily go from mundane to chic with an oversized pashmina scarf.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple trench-coat to turn heads.

My go-to favorite: a slouchy sweater with a sexy mini.

 Tri-fecta of perfection: A-line skirt, trendy fitted top, and 6" stilettos. 

I would have thought this look could only work as separates with more casual complements, but this proves more is more.

ING NYC Marathon training starts TODAY!

It's officially 16 weeks out! This will be my 6th marathon but my first NY Marathon! I'm so stinking 

November 6, 2011. 

Guaranteed entry.

I'll be doing a very simple, easy-to-follow training schedule. This is great guide for people who regularly do 4-8 mile runs, and want gradual intensity increase.