This time baby I'll be bulletproof

I'm seeing more and more trends towards "thinspiration", an unhealthy, sometimes dangerous fad. I hope to bring a healthier, sexier option to the table: "Fitspiration". 

Dancing is a fun way to tone every inch of your body.

Surfing is a fun, refreshing way to build muscle and improve overall balance.

Strong is flexible, if you're not up for a big cardio session, opt for a full-body stretching routine. 

Juliane Hough is a great example of a lean, sexy, strong physique. 

Fight love handles with side planks, for a more challenging option add leg raises.

I love every form of gymnastics. Back bends and full-forward bends should be included in every stretching routine.

Ladies, embrace weight training. It will not bulk you up, it will lean you out.
Bulk= Low reps/high weights
Lean= high reps/lower weight

And of course, I'll end with Miranda Kerr, Adriana Ambrosio, and Marisa Miller. The best fitspiration out there!

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”-Coco Chanel

I put this one in as a reminder that as soon as I'm finished training for the NY Marathon I'm going platinum blonde.
I love this lace scallop short: sexy and trendy.

I'm crazy about this oblonged-charm statement piece.

Every woman needs a great Vegas dress that stuns. 

Fun patterned sweaters like this are trending big this fall.

This is one of my favorite knotted buns.

Platinum and pearls go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The more sparkle the better for a fun evening out.

I'll end this post with the easiest no-fuss accessory around: a beautiful head scarf.

Commissioned interior design work for my client's upscale gay bar project.

The first thing I did was compile several different looks and styles to see what appeals most to them.

I love the clean symmetry and bold color in this modern design.

I always throw in gaudy, over-the top samples just to get a feel of the clients comfortability with trends.

Design panels above the bar give this look a dynamic appeal.

I love this clean, contemporary bar that mixes vibrant pink with warm yellows. Be sure to check out the amazing ceiling detail.

This design is driven by square patterns complementing each other.

I think clients like to see lots of different color variations so they can pick out their perfect hue.

This is a great example of modern and rustic. Wood panels set next to oversized art pieces pique both the natural and artistic senses. 

Mirrored pieces like the one seen above adds drama to any lounge.

Ok.Ok. This is a bathroom, but I think this would be the perfect inspiration for a art deco bar.

What works here is the movement of patterns and changing shapes, it gives the room a very modern, psychedelic feel thats easy to recreate. 

There are so many great things going on here: the curved bar, the moving patterns, and the ultra trendy seating.

I'm crazy about the fun chandelier and beautiful lavender tones in this one-of-a-kind nightclub.

Neons and warm tones can mix, and done properly it gives a room a stunning artistic view.

Specific lounge pieces usually come later in the process, but I wanted to add this to get the client to start thinking about seating and space. 

This is a very basic bar restaurant that was spiced up with great lighting and clean lines. 

This is a stunning minimal black, white, and red bar. The circular lamps and red accents create a beautiful balance. 

Another surprising mix that works: luxurious Victorian couches with tree stump tables. 

Natural woods mixed with neon greens give this bar a fresh, elegant feel.

My clients are undecided about a rooftop lounge. I think it works if you have outdoor pieces that can maintain durability and beauty. 

I love the floor design and bar inlets in this luxury lounge.

I love the rows of round light installations and parallel shelving.

Purple and black tones make a room look and feel dynamic and sexy.

Lighting fixtures like the one seen above give a the room an asian ambiance. 

This is a great indoor/outdoor transition. Bold colors inside, earth tones outside.

Minimalism at its finest.

This room is all about color and texture. A breathtaking balance.

As you may have noticed, I chose many vibrant color palates in this compilation due to my clients interest in bold looks, I can't wait to see the final product.