Exit, light Enter, Night Take my hand we're off to never-never land

Uneven hems give off fresh, whimsical vibes.

More is more when adorning bold necklaces.

Cropped fair isle sweaters are trending huge this season, I love pairing it with a bright fitted jean.

Roberto Cavalli, why must you torment me?!

I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you walk away (must be the sexy lace racerback)! 

I love pairing up a shimmery, goddess dress with a pair of peep-toe platforms.

May your days be full of glamour!

People Who Inspire Me: Daniel Schuetz (San Diego)

Here's just a few things that make Dann a badass:
 Dann Schuetz racing his nephew, artist David Atienza at Dave and Busters :)

 Dann working on very important documents...wait! Is that a crayon?!

Dan Schuetz winning a free t-shirt by doing 20+ pull-ups before the UFC fights in San Diego.

Daniel Schuetz meeting Pete Rose...

...and Heavyweight Champ Junior dos Santos! Junior is also SUPER COOL!!! 

 Dann looks so peaceful here :)

Dapper Dann. 

There was only you and me. We were young and wild and free ...

Perfect ombre haircolor, with classic aviators, and a navy blue sequined blazer are super chic. (The blazer is from Victoria's Secret)

Fair Isle, Nordic pieces came down the runway many times in Dolce and Gabanna's runway collection.
"A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous"--Coco Chanel

This gorgeous bright pink trained dress is paired with rhinestone Aldo flats.

Lace and fringe give elegance to bohemian street wear.

Over-sized sweaters over micro-minis are always a sexy balance.

I love this waist-cinching ruched mini...if someone knows who makes this please drop me a line!

I'll end this post with a classic sophisticated style with a surprise open back. Loves.

Let's make some music, make some money, find some models for wives.

I wanted to do a post with great make-up. Done correctly, it not only boosts your confidence, but completely stuns.

A great bronzer goes a long way.

The detail of the white on the inner corner of her eyelids and great eyebrow arch make her eyes pop!

I'm obviously a fan of smokey eyes, this is a great example of false lashes done well.

Not all eye shadow should have matte finishes, go for some shine and be amazed by the results.

This is the perfect cat eye, start with liquid liner before the eye shadow to really accentuate the lines.

I'll end the post with one of my go-to looks, it is recreated with MAC's "Beautiful Iris" eye shadow.