What if all your dreams came true?

The Forbidden Art Files


Untitled #2, from Sculptural Nudes, 2012 Koen Hauser. 

"Pris" by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme 
Michael Hussar.

London and Paris

First stop in London: Platform 9-3/4 at King's Cross. I've got my ticket to Hogwarts! 

"Paris is always a good idea" -Audrey Hepburn

I remember drawing this infamous piece by Auguste Rodin "The Kiss" many times when I was younger. To see it in person was breathtaking and quite surreal. 

Drawing Julius Caesar at the Louvre. A dream come true. 

The Forbidden Art Files.

The Art of Gina Kiel. 

Alfons Mucha-Study of Drapery. 

Blood Crow by Dino Tomic. 

The Forbidden Art Files

Fashion illustration by Manuel Rebollo.

Terry Border. 
Artist Unknown :(

Digital Papercut Illustration by Eiko Ojala. 

The Beautiful Mountains of Canada.

I just got back from an amazing Jasper, Canada adventure with Isaac :)

Until next time. 

The Forbidden Art Files

Theon Greyjoy - GAME OF THRONES 80/90s ERA CHARACTERS by Mike Wrobel, aka Moshi-Kun.

Game of Thrones in the 80s-90s: Khal Drogo.

4D art. Artist Unknown.

The whimsical fairy tales of Tim Walker.

"AmalgaMATE 7" by MichaelO.

I'm beyond blessed to have been a muse for MichaelO's AmalgaMATE series. BADASS.

The Forbidden Art Files

Some of the best artists use walls, guitars, and human skin as their canvases.

This graffiti painting is from the Does Love Letters Crew. 

Bubblegum mural by the Hitmen Club. 

The design elements of this 3D leg tattoo are mind-blowing. Artist unknown. 

This guitar was part of a "Flash Challenge" on InkMaster. Painted by tattoo artist, Tatu Baby. 

I thought she made the most of the guitars "ahem" button placement. Hahaha. 

The One, The Only...ABE CATALANO!

The other day I was struck with the realization that the only photos my family and friends have seen of my brother have been the ones I've posted. He's such a huge part of my life, and my family's, it's important that I keep his love and legacy alive.
Abe has beautiful blue eyes, an amazing laugh, and most recently he's been moaning a lot (my guess is that he's really trying to communicate). His birthday is February 15th.
Abe loves classical music, hugs, kisses, and holidays! 

He dislikes haircuts, toothbrushes, and Chopin ;) 

The Forbidden Art Files.

I'm obsessed with this digital manipulation of artist, Frida Kahlo. 
Artist Unknown

Easy there buddy. Haha. Still love it. 

Not applicable to NAS, but beautifully written. 

I don't like Art, I LOVE it!!