Latest work and Drawing Class

Work in Progress (20 x 30")

I'm leading a drawing class this weekend in Irvine. All skill levels welcome. The focus will be on drawing more accurately and confidently. 

These samples are from private drawing lessons I gave over the summer. I couldn't be prouder of Clover's progression! 

Updates, Links and Art (of course)!

I made a time-lapse video of a freehand drawing so you can see my creative process. (No reference). Actually time to create: 30 minutes, time-lapse video: 1:47.

(This is the finished piece)

"Pink Roses" color pencil drawing on toned tan paper. 

I created this hand-lettered typography in celebration of reaching over 100,000 followers on our Facebook page! (

Thank you! 

Recent Drawings

"His Eyes" (Drawing in Prismacolor pencils, Archival ink .005, gold and white ink gels, and blending tortillons on toned tan paper).

Realism Tips for artists: 
1. For realism, embrace imperfection. Without texture variations, pieces will appear "cartoony".
2. Keep Going. It requires layers upon layers, especially when using color pencils.
3. Turn it upside-down. Learn to see value and shapes.
4. Use blending stubs to soften rough areas.
5. Measure carefully in the beginning to avoid bigger mistakes later. 

I'll write a blog full blog article on this shortly (for

"Golden Muse: Carmelita Jeter". Color pencils on toned tan paper. 

They told me to draw what I craved the most...


Anyone know God's email address? I'm looking for my dream COO.  Thanks!